Custom Application Development

If your business needs a custom application and you are planning on commissioning a software developer to create an application, whether that be a mobile or web app, a website or server solution, then this page is for you!

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Application development, where do I begin?

Whatever your custom application development needs are, you have many options available to you (learn the programming languages and toolsets yourself, find a trustworthy developer on oDesk or Elancer, find a contractor through Linked-In, or perhaps ask a friend-of-a-friend), but of course we hope that you will consider Devology based on the testimonials from our customers, our linked-in recommendations and evidence from our own polished product releases.

Mobile Apps

Devology can write a mobile application (app) either natively (using the toolset from Apple and Google for example), or by using special cross-platform platforms (using Xamarin and Appcelerator Titanium). There are strong debates about whether your mobile application should be native or not, we can help you determine what's best for your needs; we are pragmatic and can find a sensible balance between the two polarised opinions. There's an obvious cost benefit to writing code that can be deployed to multiple platforms.

  • iOS - We can write an app (mobile application) natively, using the programming language Objective-C or Swift, however, recently some clients have requested rapid platform deployment on iOS and Android, as a result we have used Xamarin Studio and recently Appcelerator Titanium to target Android and iOS platforms. We are very interested in writing an Apple Watch app and plan to write a proof-of-concept for our own Social Scheduler product using Swift.

  • Android - Currently we use Appcelerator Titanium to write software that's targetted for Android and/or iOS, we haven't used Android Studio to target Android exclusively.

Desktop Apps

Devology can write desktop applications using a variety of languages and toolkits.

  • Windows - We have experience writing highly performant applications using WinForms on Widows XP, Windows 7 as part of previous employment as part of a stock-trading market-data terminal, it involved multiple windows that were used to display highly dynamic stock pricing details. Whilst we can write native Windows applications, this is not our preferred route - web applications can often provide a similar level of functionality but offer the advantage of targeting multiple operating systems.

  • Mac - We have used Xamarin Mac to develop native Mac applications. If you require multi-platform applications then we would probably favour Xamarin, whereas if the application is to target Mac exclusively then we would probably use Xcode with the Swift programming language.

Web services (Server back-end)

Devology can write web-services that integrate with other web-services (think Facebook, or other 3rd parties) and that persist to various data stores.

  • Java / Tomcat - We typically target the Apache Tomcat application server, historically this has been through a dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment, however, recently we have found the dev-ops overhead to be a little prohibitive, so we have started to use Amazon AWS instead.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - To benefit from scalability of compute services (EC2) and storage (S3) and to lower the burden of dev-ops, we have utilised the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for three web applications. Amazon AWS is quickly becoming our preferred and recommended platform.

  • Data Storage - We have experience using mySQL and MongoDB in high performance and highly-available real-time web applications.

Responsive Web Site

Devology can write websites for you, or provide consultancy on what platform might be best for you (for example Wordpress, Drupal, Custom, etc).

100% Custom - We can write a custom web-site for you in conjunction with your designer, or our designer that we partner with on an ad-hoc basis. The responsive website will work nicely across all devices, browser or mobile and the site can be static (no editing), dynamic (you can edit the content) and optionally have a blog or shop (e-commerce).

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